Website Name Change

It’s 1:30AM and I can’t sleep. Who else can relate? 🤷🏾‍♀️

Decided to do a quick check in: the site has undergone a recent name change and redesign! Cosmic Tigre was a pseudonym that stood for my relationship with my highest self, my best self. It became dear to my heart, so important that the human in me got a bit lost.

On this platform I began to think I should only speak about positivity and love and light. It became focused on the image of enlightenment rather than the soul inside the body.

Moving forward, both this site and I will be going by my name Déja Chaniah. Be prepared for more content that’s an honest mess. I am stepping back into my humanity and giving you more of me, not what I think the world is ready for.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your night 💚

Published by Déja Chaniah

Creative plant based soul seeking higher consciousness.

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