The Secret to Remaining True to Yourself: Find What Keeps You Grounded

I’ve been going through many changes the past few weeks. From making new habits in my daily life to my transition into becoming a full-time freelance writer, I definitely am making what the kids call ‘big moves’.

I think it’s funny how we spend so much time wishing we can achieve the goals of our dreams. When the opportunity finally knocks on the door, it can be really overwhelming. As a high-achiever, I know I get used to working so hard that it can be tough to slow down. I find it really important for me to seek spaces where I can have gratitude.

Like most people, I am prone to anxiety, depression, and general insecurity. I also know that when I don’t take time to actively romance myself, I fall apart. I have found that indulging in what keeps me grounded is the key to staying true to myself.

How do I do it?

Spend Time with Yourself

I am reminding to trust that I know what is best for me.

Time and time again, I turn to several practices that make me feel good. For me, the most important way this manifests is making time for myself. Me time usually involves anything that gets me into a state of mindfulness or the awareness of my thoughts, emotions, and whatever I may feel in my body.  The practice of mindfulness encourages me to accept what I am experiencing in the present moment rather than being consumed by anxiety.  It reminds me to treat myself with care.

The flexibility of a freelance life means I can easily fit self-care practices into my daily schedule. I sometimes indulge and get really heavy with these rituals whether it be deep breathing exercises and taking long walks or drinking warm mugs of tea and pampering myself with at home facials.

Get out– into Nature

This afternoon, I put my yoga mat across my back and took a long fast-jog to a nearby park. I haven’t had a consistent running routine in almost 3 months so I was a little rusty. For about 20 minutes, I felt so self-conscious about my pace and thought I was embarrassing myself.  Soon after, I realized that I was the only one judging me. I stopped pushing myself for not being as fast as I normally am.  I didn’t curse and grumble under my breath when I felt the tell-tale signs of lactic build-up in my muscles. Soon I just was, ya know?

Being surrounded by tall, proud trees, colorful birds, and gorgeous flowers literally revived me. It reminded me that there is life far beyond what I see in my daily reality. With each step, leap, and gallop I took, I felt more and more grounded in my body.  Soon I wasn’t just trying to run, I was running. Feeling. Being.

At some point during this, I stopped in a gorgeous little clearing to practice yoga.  It was super calm and quiet — the perfect place for a sunset flow.  However, the quietness got too quiet and I began to feel shifts in energy all around me.  The birds vanished, squirrels scurried, and I heard a few large branches break completely off a tree.  I have no idea what happened because I listened to my gut and got the hell out of there. Period.

Reach Out to the People You Love

I will be the first to admit that I  can be guilty of self-imposed isolation.  Independent by both nature and circumstance, I have a hard time letting people in.  I have an even harder time trusting people to show me care. For a long time, I took great pride in being self-sufficient… To make things even more complicated, I got used to deflecting attention from me and focusing on the woes of others. To put it simply, I had carefully constructed armor guarding my heart.

I’ve been learning that even the most boss, badass Tank Girl needs a helping hand every now and again.  I find that being vulnerable and honest with others isn’t a burden, it’s healthy.  Now, reaching out to a few trusted people for support helps me feel less alone. I am learning to lower my defenses more and more as I open myself to opportunities and the flow of abundance in this new chapter of life.

I’m curious, what helps keep you grounded?  I’d love to hear from you so please leave some comments down below!

Sending a warm hug to you,

Published by Déja Chaniah

Creative plant based soul seeking higher consciousness.

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